We started brewing beer the same way you often start playing the guitar. Self-taught, driven by the desire to make ours something we liked in the way others did. But that wasn't enough for us, we wanted to play our music. We started for ourselves, trying and trying, making mistakes many times and treasuring the mistakes every time we started over. How do you do with that round of chords of your favorite song, which you try so many times that you can't even listen to it anymore and you put your guitar aside, exasperated and defeated. But just for a moment, then you're ready to start over.
Stubbornness brought us to the moment when the result satisfied us enough to want to share it. First with friends, then with as many people as possible. Little by little we have improved more and more, continuing to study, to search and to experiment. With respect for tradition, curiosity for the new and attention to quality.
We took a passion and made it our job, with the same feeling of those who live music as an art and a means of expression and sharing.